Mail In Repair

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Prior repair attempts: 

We're happy to work on devices which have had prior repair attempts, but this cannot be offered for free due to time restraints. Devices which have had previous repair attempts are harder for us to work on and as such, we will charge a £40 repair attempt fee on all devices which have a previously failed repair attempt. This is to protect ourselves and our business and to ensure we can dedicate the additional time required in order to repair your device. This also includes technician damage and home repair attempt damage. This fee will be payable whether we can fix your device or not and must be paid before your device will be returned.


Unpaid invoices: 

You will be sent an invoice via PayPal when all work is completed so, please remember to add your email to the booking form. We do our absolute best on every device we attempt to repair, and we believe it is only fair that we are paid for our services. We must make you aware that all invoices must be settled in full before we can return your device. We must also make you aware that any device which has an outstanding invoice for 28 days or more will be deemed as abandoned. We will do our best to contact you to ensure we do not deem your device abandoned, but our time is valuable and we cannot chase customers continuously for months on end to try and settle invoices. These terms also include return shipping costs and prior repair attempt fees. Any device deemed abandoned will be either resold or recycled at our discretion.


How to book a repair: 

To book a repair please fill in the short form and click submit at the bottom of the page. Once complete, please can you package up your device (device only, no controllers or leads. For Laptops please also pack the power lead), include hand written contact details on a piece of paper ( full name and address with post code ). This is to ensure we can locate the owner of the device. Any device which we cannot locate an owner to will be stored for 28 days before being deemed abandoned. If you accidentally forget to include the required information, simply get in touch with us and provide some evidence of the device belonging to you. This can be a tracking number, serial number, photographs etc. send your device to:

KNM Computers, 62 Spencer Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG2 8GD


How long will the repair take? 

While we aim to complete all repairs quickly and efficiently, this does depend on our current workload when we receive your device. Turnaround times can range from 1 day to 14 days depending on the job we're required to do and our workload. We may also from time to time need to order special parts which we do not stock. This will usually mean an additional wait period. We will always make you aware before ordering additional parts. We do offer an expedited service where we aim to work on your device within 48 hours of receiving it. This service will cost £25 (GBP) extra and will be payable whether we can fix the device or not. If we need to order extra parts, we cannot waive this fee. This fee will also be payable in addition to the return shipping costs. 


Shipping and delivery: 

We recommend using a tracked service like DPD when shipping devices to us. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure your device is packaged with sufficient protection and insurance. We cannot be liable for any device damaged or lost before it reaches us. Our return shipping cost is £40.50 fully insured up to £500, this will be added to the bill. We take full responsibility once we receive your device and always return packages fully insured and sufficiently packaged to ensure they arrive back safely. We do not make exceptions to our shipping policies and cannot offer "cheaper alternatives" as this would make us liable if your device is damaged in transit during return.

If you are local, we offer a collection service for Stevenage and Hertfordshire. Please contact us for a collection of your device.



We offer a 90-day warranty on all repaired devices. If your device breaks down because of the same fault within 90 days we will repair your device again for free, including covering all shipping costs. This warranty period may be waived from time to time depending on the circumstances, as some devices carry a high risk. We will always make you aware if this is the case. Our warranty seals must be intact for your warranty to be valid.



Make, Model & Fault in The description section. Please give as much Info as possible